6 August 2015

Despite the fact, that in the morning the water was like a mirror, we managed to organize no less than three races.

In the morning we met the typical weather of the Balaton: no wind, 35 C'. But fortunatly after a few hour spent with chilling, the wind came with 6-8 knots, and until 7 p.m. three races were organized. Péter Czégai and László Kutassy remained first, but Gábor Czetl and Ádám Mihály became the second. Gergely Dr. Bödör and Kinga Zsembery, the third racers are also hungarians. 

The day kinda felt like a layday, because everyone had some time to have a rest in the early hours. After the end, whitch was pretty late, everyone went home early to stay fit for the last two races.