3 August 2015

The 2015 Master's 470 World Cup just started after 3 days of practice racing. 

At the opening ceremony we all wished for good weather-despite the fact that the weather forecast said it will be a hot and windless week. In the morning, as a pleasant surprise, we discovered that it's not that hot, and even better, it's windy outside. 

Naturally, we went out to the water in time, and have organized three races. The atmosphere was good and friendly, but of course we have seen fights, and unfortunatly a small accident too. 

In the aftrenoon the sailors spent their free time on the beach, in their apartment or at the marina kitchen, where multiple conversations were helled next to the beer tap. 

We all hope that the following days will be just as perfect for us as today was.

You can check the results here, and the photos soon on our facebook page.